Step 1: How to check if the DMS Server is running

1.Check If DMS Server Processing or not


If the DMS server is not processing data please click on the below button to start data processing.  

2. Check the connection profile to confirm DMS server is processing data on correct connection profile.

3.Check the Processing Mode (Should be normal)
  Also you can view how many data exchange message are waiting to be processed if the server is busy.

If you not able to see DMS server application running on the user account please check the application tray to confirm DMS server is minimized. 

You can open the DMS server by double clicking on application tray icon.


Password : DMS

Step 2: How to Start the DMS server

  1. Double click on the DMS server icon on the Desktop.

    If another instance of DMS server is running then you will get below message saying DMS server is already running.


    Please press no to above message (if your system is not configured to run two instances of DMS Server simultaneously)

    Important :
    Two DMS server instance running on same Database can cause duplicate records in the system.

  2. After DMS server application finish loading start the data processing if it didn't start automatically.